My little dog is on my lap
quaking like a silly leaf
over some imaginary front that's coming in
(there's a happy sun shining,
but he won't go outside,
and he's kind of psychic about these things...)
And I can't do what I want to do because of his strange needs
but his comfort seems to weigh the most in this moment
and I stop and think about what a tiny, tiny picture of love this is
(patting a strange quaking dog on the head,
speaking words of soft comfort)
And I've been thinking about Love a lot lately
and how if I (selfish little human that I am)
can give moments of tenderness to one silly dog
what that means about our good Father
whose Love for you and for me has words like;
attached to it.
So you can take the tiniest picture of tenderness that you've seen in yourself
and stretch it to the highest North
and the deepest South
to the furthest East
and the widest West
if your mind will let you,
wrap it up in Forever
and in the most patient and sweetest loving kindness that you've ever tasted.

It makes everything okay all of a sudden.
He knows what we need.
Makes me want to say thank you thank you thank you
forever and ever and ever.

And Jesus didn't come and say, "I love you, so you must love me."
But actually he said, "As I have loved you, so you must love one another."
I want you all to know love so much.
He loves us, He loves us, He loves us.

And maybe he asks us to pray for one another
not for the sake of changing the course of anyone's future
but for the beautiful act of Connection
Of that act of finding a moment to still our hearts,
to focus in on another human being,
of touching skin to skin,
and to wish beautiful, wonderful things for them.
And this does mystical things to our own hearts as well,
finding moments to consider the other's sacred journey,
seeing that they are not separate from us after all,
and to gift them beauty and goodness from our depths.
To care.

And I can practice this on my Self as well.
To touch those parts of me where Hate sits
and to practice perfect Acceptance,
whole Love,
To welcome that piece back into me
and to comfort it,
knowing that it has remained a solitary, separate piece for too long.
To become whole.

To know love.
It makes everything okay.
Love makes all things whole. 
(Father, let this be my mantra)

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