In fits and starts
you see me
Making my way.

I am trying to befriend my loneliness
So that it will never again hold me captive
under the table,
collecting bread crumbs of Belonging.

I would rather be alone,
at Home in my own body,
than driven around
by that insatiable animal
ever again.

And so I return
back to my body
back to my breath
that each hold as much expansive space
as the deep, dark and glittering night sky.

And that's what my lone Self is:
and so alive with light.

How could I ever
reach for Another
with such grasping, desperate fingers
When the Universe is alive tonight
in my very breath.

So I breathe through the anxiety of loss
like a warrior woman in labor
Because I am
willing the dancing light of Life
to be born into this moment
for me
and for you
And we are going to be okay.

Say it with me now...
You are home
in the very stillness of your

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