In most moments these days I'm more frightened animal than human being
But in sacred moments,
Usually while walking, 
I am a Daughter of the Earth, Her who I think I've always known
She is surrendered to Life and it's wild and wonderful Flow
Not fighting what must, and will Be
She leans head back in openness and lets it all pass right through
She hums things like, "Let it Be" 
and, "Just be right Here"
Earth Daughter sees every season of creation 
in all knowing of every horror and beauty,
every death and every birth
and with palms/throat/heart open wide, breathes (( YES ))
And with that Life Breath there is connection to the circle
of air and seed and water and soil
She submits to a trusting of the wild, living, pulsing Life Force
Even though Wilderness can lead to fright more often than Certainty
And because in the fall, as a tree begins to mourn it's leaves
All we can do is whisper about how beautiful its surrender is.
All change is both a death and a birth
And everything is always changing, if it is Living
And we do know that it is good to be connected to that which is Living
So she says, I wouldn't have it any other way
And with that thought joins the force of all creation and creators,
In those sacred moments


luke said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)

Lauren Heidebrecht said...

Thanks Luke!