On Democracy and Elections

I don't know what praying is
But I've been doing it.
I've been praying that the fear that's in me right now
would recognize the fear that's in the Other
that allowed this to happen.
And I've been listening too,
to the knowing but quiet voice inside
That's saying, Turn off the noise but don't tune out the pain,
Stay woke and get to work,
Let the nausea and horror of this moment in history
provoke the fruit of Creative Response.
"Accept the unacceptable," and respond.
Where there is fear in and around you,
Move uncomfortably closer.
Put flesh and muscle to the cry-
Stronger together-
Hug the co-worker,
Hold each other's babies,
Let your hand rest on your students' shoulders as you walk by,
Breathe down to your bones on your yoga mat,
Put pen to page and voice to song,
Check in on those in your life,
Commit to eye contact.
Let your living and your life be your protest
Let love and liberation be equally bound to one another
And spread your Mockingjay wings wide
With a wink and a smile.

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Sarah Ternes said...

made me tear up. yes! yes.